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 Huntress von der Nord Kuste

Blue Boy von Lunen Platz




Fallon von der Nord Kuste

Fallon with her Sire, Finn(age 12) and Little Daddy


The sires and dams shown below are all on-premises.  They, as well as several of their progeny, can be seen--by appointment--at our Monroeville location.


Huntress von der Nord Kuste, OFA Good

Huntress is a medium-large female with excellent temperament and strong play drive.  She is intelligent and very willing in her obedience work.  She has pronounced instinctive drives in her protection work with solid defense, quick strikes and full, hard grips.  She is confident socially and is good with children, other dogs and cats.  She is a wonderful mother and protective guardian of family and home.  Huntress was whelped from our breeding program.  Her Sire is SchH 3 and her Dam was SchH2.  Her maternal grandfather, also whelped from our program was a working dual purpose K-9 for the Grain Valley, MO Police Department until his retirement. 


Blue Boy von Lunen Platz, SchH 1, A Fast-Normal


Khan is a hard-bodied, strongly built, dark sable male imported from the Netherlands.  He is intense in all his drives.  He possesses extreme ball and retrieve drives.  He is dedicated and intent in his tracking; attentive and intense in his obedience and powerful and fast in the protection phase with natural aggression and strong grips.  Khan achieved his BH and SchH1 titles here in the United States.  He is a handler-owner trained dog.


The breeding shown below is a repeat breeding and will take place in Spring 2014


Fallon von der Nord Kuste, BH, OFA Good

Raena is a very energetic, athletic female with excellent temperament, retrieve and play drives.  Raena is intent and committed in her tracking work.  She is intelligent and has a very happy, upbeat attitude in obedience.  She is fast and confident in protection and has strong, sure grips.   She is outgoing and confident socially and is good with children, other dogs and cats. She is a nurturing, protective mother and vigilant guardian of home and family.  Raena was whelped from our breeding program.  She is handler/owner trained, has her BH title and is prepared for SchH 1.


Echo vom Ryanstrasse, BH, OFA Good


Jacks is a very large, strong and powerfull dark sable male with large bone and a strong head.   He has excellent retrieve and play drives and is attentive and up in his obedience work.  He is committed and intent in his tracking.  He has natural aggression and is very fast and intense in his protection work.  His grips are powerful.  Although large, he is very light on his feet and athletic.  His temperament is rock-solid.  Jacks is good with children, other dogs and cats.  He has his BH title and is prepared for SchH 1.

Pedigrees can be viewed at: www.pedigreedatabase.com

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