To  In-Kennel Training Graduates:

Noodles Robinson


Cooper Spears



Spring Break is almost here!

Don't forget to make your boarding reservations.  

Travel with the peace of mind that your beloved companion is lodging in a safe, secure area and being cared for by professionals with extensive knowledge of dog behavior.  Your buddy will be lodging on the same property where we ourselves live.  We don't shut down for the night and go home. Your companion's comfort and well being are at the top of our priority list.

Our boarding building is both spacious and heated for your companion's safety and comfort. 

ur accommodations include social interaction, music  and aroma therapy for an enjoyable, homey atmosphere.  In addition, your dog will enjoy fresh air and exercise in our secure, large, outdoor, fenced play yards.

Although you'll miss him or her, if you have to travel, we invite you to let your buddy vacation in the country with us.

Welcome to North Coast K-9

Can this really be







Okay, Think Positive

Spring is coming....Are you and your dog ready to enjoy it?

Here's our motto:

Every owner gets the dog that he or she 


Despite what many people think, dogs don't reach a certain age and then magically start behaving well.  

Perhaps you have an ornery dog and think neutering will solve the problem...NOT! (Come on, ladies! If THAT worked, a lot of husbands would be in trouble, now wouldn't they?) 

Do you have an unruly dog and think getting him a companion will settle him down?  Guess what?       Unruly x 2 = Chaos.  You just doubled your work load!  

It takes guidance, dedication and training.  We're here to guide you.  All you have to do is dedicate yourself to following our training program.

It's never too late to train better manners

and you and your dog can have fun along the way!  

March Basic Obedience Classes:


Saturday @  9:30


Saturday   @   11:30 

** Private Lessons Also Available **

If you have a new baby start him or her on the road to success with our:

uppy Kindergarten Class

Saturdays @ 10:00 a.m.

Monroeville:  Saturdays @ 11:
30 a.m.


As we have and always will be, 

North Coast K-9 is here for you.  

We're just a phone call away...let us help. 

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