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Our group Advanced Obedience Class is a 10-lesson course, which meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:30 p.m.  This class is the next step after graduating from our Basic Obedience Class.  It is designed to take all the exercises that you learned in Basic Obedience to the next level, which is:  off-leash control.  This class is held at our Monroeville location and takes place indoors and outdoors.

Training consists of:  sit and down on command, sit stay and down stay under distractions, sit in motion, down in motion, heeling, recall, finish, stand, stand stay agility and hand signals.  The goal of this class is to push each handler/dog team to their highest potential.  This class is geared towards people who enjoy working with their dog and want to take their skills to the highest possible level, or for people who want to do competition with their dog.

The fee for this class is $175 for 10 lessons, or if you wish to train all year, the yearly fee is $350.00.

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